A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

I always loved mafia and gangsters movies so after playing the amazing “Reigns” I wondered if I could develop a game based on that world but with a comedy twist.  I hope you like it.

Languages: English, Spanish & Italian.

Install instructions

Select your platform (Windows or Mac). The game doesn't require any installation.


CosaNostra_PC.zip 40 MB
CosaNostra_OSX.zip 58 MB


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interesting card game..

Brilliant game, reminded me of one I used to play called Bugsy. I thought it was really clever, loved the idea of being the Don and sitting in your office and having all these visitors, was great fun. I make videos of games I like on Itch, I included yours this week, i hope you don't mind.

Thanks! I hope you had fun playing it. :)

Yeah its good fun i hope you do well with it, thanks again!